Privacy & Policy

This page is used to inform  website visitors having policies with the collection,use and disclosure of personal information.For the usage of website,one has to agree with the collection and use of information as of policy description.The personal information is used for the better provision of service and most important thing is that this information is not shared by anyone else except to described format.
For the better experience, personally identifiable information is required as of the user name, phone number and postal address which is strictly used for the contact or for identification.The information or bio-data that any website developer management asks for the customers is known as log data,in it’s terms,that includes Interpol address ( IP) , browser version,pages of the specific website, time and date,time spent on the pages and other statistics.Some specific and legal documents are also used by website that are called cookies that contain small amount of data which enable anonymous unique identifier.Cookies are sent to the user browser and are stored in compute,s hardware.These cookies are very helpful in the sense that they collect information and improve the website service. In case of rejection from these cookies , the user may not be able to get full access of services from website.

This term refers to any agreement that is used as a safety for the healthy relationship between the developer, owner or provider of the web, mobile app or web-based service that speculates the scope of rights and responsibilities among both sides.It is basically a legally bound agreement or contract between a website user and the developer.

For any kind of buisness,the website act as a marketing and communicating outreach tool.It gives the first impression,easy and updated look for the website.while developing five major things are being kept in mind which are..
*It gives bad or false impression while using a website and user have to investigate about the company…so by keeping it in mind clear description of the moto of has been set.

*Contact page is clearly elaborated with the necessary information of email, phone number, buisness hours and also an address of Google map link.

*Instead of having bulk of notes carrying information,small notes of information has been put by the site.

*In this husy race of internet,60%trafficking of online buisness is carried out by mobiles so the management has attached user-friendly mobile version for the ease of access.

*By uploading videos,case studies or even graphics in an amazing way, testimonials have been created for the credibility of the web portal, considering it as a major marketing tool.

*The bio-data collected at the website is used to tailor electronic ads for the specifications of the users habits and interess.
*To develop more friendships,as of access of the user’s friends or relationships with that portal.
*For the safety purposes,if customer wants,by using the tracking system when the user is out station or outside from home .
*Sending emails.
*Prevention of sharp practices.

Google’s advertising policies are designed to promote a good experience of people viewing the ads,to assert the user to be successful with ads because they carry applicable laws in the countries where they appear. Actually all ads move through an appraisal process to ensure about the safety and accuracy of their use. is much conscious about the privacy policies so some ads that prove thier selves as violating the policies,our web portal mark them DISAPPROVED or SUSPENDED and don’t let them to work by that status.

The third party privacy policies is a legal doctorine of US which states that people who ,by their own will, give information to third parties such as banks, phone companies, internet service providers (ISPs) and email services have no reasonable expectation of privacy in that information.

CCPA stands for California Consumer Privacy. It has become law in January 1st 2020.It states that every website should have a privacy policy that must cover with the rules and regulations that CCPA give them.Infact CCPA is a piece of data protection legislation whose aim is to achieve two main things.,at first ., It is convenient for all types of businesses to reassure customers that their data is safe … secondly.,it promotes customers to put their trust in online buisnesses.The best attempt of the present website,, is that it has assured by using CCPA trials to balance commercial facts against the customer’s right to privacy.

At this platform customer is being satisfied with the smooth, intelligible,concise, and easily approachable manner , should be written in plain and clear language especially when there is some child,for the safety and secracy  of their data information material. For that purpose some basic rights have been achieved as ..
The consumer has been allotted the right to ask for the copy of data although may have some charges .
The next right of the consumer is having a command over the website to ask them for the removal of inaccurate information and also check for the incomplete information to be completed.
IT may happen that customer has changed personal email address,have changed residence and of so many circumstances,so one is authorized to ask for the removal of personal data.
THE RIGHT TO RESTRICT PROCESSING IS AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT. respects the consumer and  have assigned them with the right to demand  for the restriction of personal information.
It has been kept in mind while designing the website that the user must assign the right to alter the processing of data at some serious cases.  .
If someone wants to transfer the same data ,for the sake of time or for some reason,it has been awarded that one can share personal data with any other organization but this process will take almost 30 days.

It is necessary for the children while using the computer that safeguards and security procedures must perfect.A child may delete the parents important file whilst in innocence,so proper guide and trust worthy relationship should achieved. promises to children for the smooth and intellectual sharing of knowledge without demanding any personal bio-data but for adults, above 13 that must kept there is a warm welcome for the children at that platform.