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To launch any website, about us page is the most important in the sense that it contains business organization’s or of management’s insight aiming the right purpose of developing or creating the website. Here the history of a business + the history of people, on charge has been assorted in the form of short articles, sometimes with their photos. It is basically a reflection of the purpose and the personality of the web portal and it’s organization along with top employees. Our organization have aimed for the global assistance of technology to users  by copying up their incorporate contact and locational information. Despite of having personal information ,some history of goals, attitude and other aspects of culture that in turn are not included for business purposes are also included for the enchantment of content. Text self_portrait or autobiography is also one of our major addition.
The primary focus of that page is to focus the readers about the company and its functions and operations. The text on these pages serve as marketing tool to run a business, enticing potential users with the history and the aspirations of a business along with the human elements.
In short about us page of Placemyarticle.com is a search engine marketing tool to find potential users through web searches.
Customers pay a great deal with the value of price, customer service and delivery options ,by keeping this view ,the best efforts of the management are in developing the best relationships and build trust by putting a face and a story to the name on the storefront between the provider and the users.

The most important feature of any website is of advertising campaigns that benefit both, the management and the users also . Almost 41,000,000 people involve themselves for business queries by using the online store.

It is in a true sense, a platform where the first time visitors, regular visitors, people who want to work online or with internet and the users are enhanced by providing them with a wide range of the departments covering medicine, English literature, fun, music, art, Islamic portal, questions and answers about queries, mathematical solutions, geography, history and so on….of their own choice. The management is pleased by sharing a fact that we are suffering so far a fabulous job of establishing trust  by including social proof elements which are media, client testimonials and partner logos etc. The scene of the web is that the viewers or users can exchange thier ideas, searches, literature information, gossips, chatting’s, find more friendships , merge  into new relationships and build New and strong roots for a strong society. Customers can send their respective memories in the pictorial form and of videos and case studies of their strange happenings or of seriously sudden circumstances. There is no closing of the door.Placemyarticle.com has opened such a window from where everyone can peep. Possibilities are beyond the wisdom. The users can benefit themselves by sharing their personal enterprise , acknowledging by other people’s views and also by winning prizes formulized by the website.

Tablets are valid learning aids that help children in their educational games, activities and the related works. Today is the era of science and technology, by tablets children can explore solar system, improve their mathematical skills and can have access to their pedigree’s history from the palm of the hand. Learning to use a tablet at that early age of their life prepare them for the use of technology in school and eventually in the workplace. The management of placemyarticle.com has a specific and personal touch with children while using the online store or Internet, so our portal is much keen about the grooming of parents who give the tablets to educate and entertain their children. We have set different sections of apps especially for children like*art and music app
*E books and magazines
*Educational and active games
*Integrated tablet activities
All that apps are especially designed for the smooth and intellectual growth of toddler or children mind . Parents can freely educate their children in contact with our website where they can learn them different games and puzzles. They can take their tablets outdoor and can capture anything they find interesting.. Then when at home, by matching that information with their tablets app, they can know how about their discovery.

In that bulky era of science and technology where almost each and every body is insisting and peeping into internet and launching their own website it become much difficult to search good quality of internet link. We have aimed not to just earn but also to educate and make the simple person to be able to run with the technology, so it is must to know that most web browsers like chrome, Firefox, edge etc. have a search box built in so that by putting information about the website ,the visitor can sharply find out the particular channel. If elaborating more there is a navigation bar at the top of the browser where to type something and the website will open.

Basically placemyarticle.com is the educative ,skill learning, discovery and discussion website from where by graphic organizing the students or of learners ,of any age arrange evidence they have gathered primarily from Readings. At this specific web channel information on statistics, scientific solutions, mathematical expressions, Islamic knowledge, documentations of history, fun, music, art and everything of daily life is discussed in a very fair and easy mode. Amendments can be made, on demand. Management is pleased with the explorers ,so here is a warm welcome for the discoverers.

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